General info

The first contacts with Chinese are extremely important for a successful cooperation. An optimal communication is a decisive factor. The Chinese party should be approached correctly and proper preparation is necessary.

In our workshops, you get a realistic idea about the essence of China. In these workshops you will learn how to better understand your partner and get answers to culture related issues. All workshops are customized and are highly interactive. Your business will even flourish more!

Workshop: Climbing the Wall - How to deal with Chinese

A. Main content:

General: What should we pay attention to when dealing with Chinese.

Specific: Based on study cases, how should we act?

B. Step by step approach

I) Preparation to the workshop

The preparation phase should lead to the specific cases from experience, assumption, prejudice.
In order to 'dig up' these specific cases, we want to open the mind in the following way: Trigger via a survey before the workshop actually starts, questions during the workshop to gradually open up the mind. We will focus on the concrete work related topics:

  • The difference between Chinese and Western behavior regarding:
    • Individual/group thinking
    • Pragmatic approach
    • Taking initiative
    • Hierarchy in work, society
    • Habits regarding food
    • Appreciation of colors
    • Aesthetical taste (movie, music, ...)
    • Numbers
  • What we have captured in the media and reality.
  • Situations (with Chinese colleagues and friends) that were remarkable or puzzled you.
  • ...
  • II) Interactive Workshop

    1. Question to the public: What is in your opinion the difference between Chinese and Western behavior/culture?
    2. General presentation on Chinese culture and behavior that addresses the topics mentioned in the initial answers to the question. At the end of the workshop, listeners will be able to better understand the difference between Chinese and Western culture and people.
    3. Answers to the specific questions.